Mercury Efi Outboard Bogs On Acceleration

Mercury Efi Outboard Bogs On AccelerationMercury Outboard Bogs On Acceleration — Acid Angel From …. 7 Mercury engine with good idle but bogs down while attempting to accelerate. I'm having an issue with my 25 hp Merc that seems to be fuel related. Can even pull it into neutral, and it will idle, but still wont rev over 6-700 rpm. To correct this, you have to make sure that you replace the faulty EFI with a good one. however it will beep and bog on acceleration. NB: the solutions for repairing an outboard motor that stalls on acceleration are the same for all brands: Yamaha, Mercury, Suzuki, Johnson, Honda, etc… And whatever the power of your 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine: 6hp, 15hp, 25hp, …. 15K subscribers Subscribe 316 Share 67K views 2 years ago This Mercury 4 stroke was running rough. Hallo, I am living in the north of Germany and have a Problem with my 150 HP Blackmax. If it is too high or too low, you need to inspect the components of the fuel system such as the fuel pump, fuel filter, and fuel pressure regulator. would this be a fuel issue or an ignition problem? Submitted: 13 years ago. This is usually gases and carbon. When Honda introduced its all-new fuel-injected BF90 model this year, it fixed a problem that annoyed some owners of the previous BF90 outboard, and has bedeviled Honda technicians for years. New plugs, thermostat, and fuel/water seperator filter. Considering buying a 24' tritoon with a mercury 200hp EFI (year 2001) motor. When I give throttle whether in neutral or trans engaged it will almost immediately die. The engine develops a quick acceleration bogging down and idle stallling symptoms after the engine has been run for about 20- 30 minutes. I checked as I did not hit anything, when I throttled up again, it bogged down. This will show up in situations in which the outboard motor vibrates, bogs or even shuts down totally while being used. Why Your Mercury Outboard Motor Stopped Working. Joined Sep 23, 2009 Messages 3. Mercury 115 Four Stroke Motor Problems. The type of fuel to use in running your outboard motor place a huge role in how your outboard motor will perform. I have changed the fuel filter due to the old one looking very bad. Department of Energy, using three outboard types: a 300 hp Verado representing fuel-injected four-stroke technology, a 9. Here are some common symptoms of a bad or failing throttle position sensor to watch for: 1. For example, consider the situation when you ascend abrupt water waves in your boat and suddenly lose power. Dual Mercury Master Technician- for Mercury Outboards, Mercruiser and Mercury Racing at. Jump to page: Results 1 to 20 of 31 Thread Tools. 4 Litre Manual Part Number: 90-43508 2002+ Mercury 40/50/60 BigFoot 40 Jet EFI 4-Stroke Outboard Service Manual Original Mercury Service Manual for 40/50/60 BigFoot 40 Jet EFI FourStroke 4 Cylinder models. An outboard motor should never pause when attempting to increase the …. Five outings ago I made a 25 minute trip at WOT to make weigh-in. Dec 4, 2010 · 2000 nissan frontier 3. 4 l • Cylinder configuration V-6 64 degree 24 valves • Maximal rotational speed 5800/min • Full throttle rpm 5. Disconnect the black (negative) cable, followed by the red (positive). Known for reliability, and fast acceleration, the 20 HP EFI portable outboard by. HOSE ASSEMBLY, Fuel Supply Module Outlet (1 required per assembly) 32-897795A01 - Hose - Fuel Supply Module [ More info ] $49. DFI no longer tests Mercury ECU's. Mercury 150 EFI Problem! Help!!. You can check by looling into the carb, even with the engine off. According to the manual this should be overheating but I have a little trouble believing it. Some of the reasons why mercury outboard bogs when throttling includes EFI problems, faulty Carburetor, bad ignition system, faulty fuel filter and even problems like overloading. Or 3, outboard in a test tank hooked up to a dyno, running at max rpm. Mercury Racing EFI Outboards and MerCruisers. I keep things greased and check the oil, fuel filter, prop, intakes, etc. Basically it would idle great and run perfect at low RPM, but when I’d get to about half throttle it would hesitate, then struggle for a few seconds before suddenly getting a surge of power and continuing to accelerate smoothly up to the max RPM. 8-liter displacement and DOHC/SOHC designs with four valves per cylinder, providing a lighter weight and extraordinary volumetric efficiency. After 30 mins of doing this it took off on plane. I noticed the bulb to be flat as well. Remove the Spark Plugs & Oil The Cylinders, Replace Plugs if Needed. Master Power Window Door Switch for Frontier Sentra Altima Xterra 1998-2004 NEW. Mercury Outboard Bogs On Acceleration. Rough idle is a subjective statement. Hi Jefferson, Most outboard carbs have intermediat fuel openings that are located just in front of the throttle plates. 1998 Mercury 40 hp bogging down on full throttle. The needle on the thermometer is rising. Thread starter rednblk929; Start date Jan 26, 2010; R. In the driveway with the muffs, runs fine, rev's. For instance, a damaged or worn out gasket could allow oil to leak out of the engine. If we squeeze the primer - Answered by a verified Marine Mechanic. 0 litre work, electronic fuel injection (719 pages) Engine Mercury HP 500 EFI Bravo XR/XZ/III User Manual. a Spun Prop Hub?, Prop Slipping at High RPM ">What Causes a Spun Prop Hub?, Prop Slipping at High RPM. 3 Mercruiser is bogging down and occasionally backfiring under load trying to plane r out. Some also mentioned hearing unusual groaning noises coming out from the engine. I replaced fuel line and bulb but it is still cutting out. Started running rough, surging, dying on idle. Re: Mercury 25 hp 1987 engine bogs down at 3/4 to full throttle. then it usually start up no prob the rest of the time. Because your Suzuki outboard won’t start in gear, ensure the engine is in neutral. The result is poor acceleration, rough idle and stalling. my 2000 model 50 hp mercury is bogging down when at full throttle. When servicing engines, we found this is the most common cause for a motor to bog down when hitting the. Once in gear the RPM’s are so low that the engine dies. Just recently I’ve had my Mercury optimax sitting in neutral only to have the RPMs increase. A robust electrical system with a high-output alternator to keep batteries charged and fishing. The fuel filter's primary purpose is to . It weighs 260 lbs (118 kg) and has CT (Command Thrust) …. Re: motor bogs down at full throttle I have a 1984 Yamaha 50hp, 3 cyl, oil injected, outboard motor, low hours, and is in fairly new condition. The Yamaha F115 is a great 4-stroke outboard motor which constantly receiving high marks for reliability, longevity, and performance. The 20 HP Mercury outboard engine intake manifold design provides you the fast acceleration you need to move across the water quickly to your next destination. 4) Give the rope starter a pull. Thread starter TN Fat Guy; Start date Sep 23, 2009; T. Common Problems With Suzuki 115 Four Stroke outboard Motor. symptom is that the motor stall when I try to accelerate. I took my digital and analog voltmeter and measured about 12. Re: 2005 Mercury 50HP 4 Stroke EFI - Loss of Power and Overheating has your EFI "fuel canister" (w/ HP & LP pumps in it and a fuel control module) had the loop tube replaced in it. Aug 26, 2009 #1 I have a 1989 Merc 100 hp 4 cyl. Mercury Optimax Diagnostic Guide">Mercury Optimax Diagnostic Guide. Take off, clean , reinstall ALL grounds, coils, starter, etc. When it did start to bog, I would let off the gas, go about half throttle (it did not bog at half throttle, only full throttle), then try going full throttle again and it would bog again. 1999 Triton SF 21 with a 1999 Mercury 200 EFI. The weight of this motor is around 305lbs which makes it perfect for most small boats that can handle a 90 hp. engine starts fine, 1994 Mercury O/B 150 hp EFI Optimax. The most obvious answer is fuel. Turn on the key and see what initial fuel pressure is, start the motor and read pressure. 4-Cylinder 40 HP EFI FourStroke. Then I can fire it right back up and it will do the same thing again. The most common problem withthe MAF sensor is dirt trapped inside the sensor, usually around the hot wire. Troubleshooting Outboard Fuel Filters. How to fix no power outboard bogging. When my sons Raptor was doing that, it was because the pilot was too small, then had to tweak the air mixture to get it just right. Mercury 200EFI intermittent loss of power, SN 0T158142">2000 Mercury 200EFI intermittent loss of power, SN 0T158142. A faulty EFI system can lead to consumption of more fuel. thanks for the thoughtsI had the idle turned up a bit and it corrected most of the problemit puts the boat on the trailer without dying and starts on the first try almost all of the timei was idling along in a no-wake zone yesterday though and it diedhad to throddle. Do not use the choke, open the throttle all the way and try starting again — it will usually take at least 2 to 3 pulls. Once this gets out of the way I can stop and start as much as I want without any further trouble. I have a 2002 Mercury Outboard 115 EFI 4-stroke that sputters and stalls when I bring the throttle from high to low/idle rpms. Vibration from the engine prop. Recommended Tools: for DVA : Fluke Multimeter with CDI #511-9773 Peak Adapter and: CDI #5119770 Piercing Probes: CDI #511-9710 Trigger Tester: CDI #511-9766 Spark Gap Tester: Jumper Wire: A Reliable Volt/Ohm Meter (it the CD-77 is used for the …. April 25, 2020 at 8:48 am #1937623. A squirt of starter fluid at the boot while running will tell you. Re: Mercury 50HP 4 stroke stalls at low speed. Each time I slow down to a low rpm boat runs rough then stalls. i have a 1998 Merc EFI and the last few times i've had it on the water it's been acting up. 175 Mercury EFI 2 Stroke Outboard Engine. 2023 Mercury Marine® FourStroke 50 EFI Held to a Higher Standard. When I first take off the engine bogs for a few seconds (sometimes as much as 10-15sec), before clearing out and taking off to where I can plane out. Before running it, I took it in for a complete servicing this summer. Maybe it was just time, but my idle got so much smoother. Debris such as fishing line, excessive seaweed, beer can rings, or nearly any other material can wrap around the propeller and its spindle. Next, any unusual changes in your acceleration could be linked to this sensor. 15HP 2 stroke bogging down @ WOT. The oil helps in lubricating the moving parts in the outboard motor engine. It did this for maybe 20 seconds - 1 minute, then it would be just fine for a while (no bog at full throttle), then after a while, it would start doing it. Now, let’s talk about those in detail. THE OUTSTANDING, 25 HP PORTABLE. Often a faulty CDI unit will see intermittent or no spark on cylinders and may only breakdown when your engine warms up. Re: 2003 yamaha 115 4 stroke bogs down, misses badly above idle. Several factors can cause a bog, including a dirty carburetor, a clogged fuel line, or a malfunctioning fuel pump. The stators seem to spontaneously fail in normal service. This tends to be more prominent when accelerating, especially up a steep incline. 14-foot aluminum fishing boats. Read: it cuts out at random moments. Starting about a month ago , I would take the boat out and I could get on top with no problems, but with in minutes the motor would bog out, and loose. I trim up the motor because of that. In case this happens, there will be a constant fluctuation in the fuel supply pumped into your boat’s carburetors. On the other side, the water they’re floating in …. and I did try pumping ball while accelerating. Problems with mercruiser 5. engine bogging down, excessive vibrations), engine damage, and eventually failure – plus a hefty repair bill. Another common problem is when the motor refuses to speed up upon acceleration. They have retrofit kits available for Mercury V6 outboards:--135 to 200-HP, 1989 through 1999--200 to 225-HP, 1995 through 2001 3-liter. Then normally after 3-4 seconds, the engine "kicks in" and takes off to full throttle becoming fully responsive to speed up or slowing down with no delay. It's extremely frustrating when trying to pull a skier up and the boat is jerking and losing power as it backfires. 1985 Mercury Outboard V-300 V-3. Common cause seemed to be the boat rocking. Here is Mercruiser's answer to a 3. It starts up without a problem and runs great at WOT. As with most things in life - moderation. Engine Mercury 225 EFI Service Manual. Symptom 1: Leakage of Oil or Cracks on the Body. How many hours can you get out of a Mercury outboard motor? A normal outboard engine, whether two-stroke or four-stroke, should last 1,500 hours. The repair manual doesn't help either. 5 volts taken at the battery terminals. June 16, 2019 at 8:31 pm #1862511 Well my 2001 60 horse merc has been being moody… When I accelerate, it wants to bog down right before getting on plane. I notice that my outboard motor tends to stumble or misfire when accelerating under load if the spark plug gap is greater than the specified or recommended spark plug gap. Jun 9, 2012 #1 Hey everyone, I'm trying to figure out if my 1988 mercury 90 HP outboard has a bad seal in the hydraulics or a bad trim and tilt pump. (63 pages) Outboard Motor Mercury FourStroke 2. A small engine like that that idles ok but bogs under acceleration is usually one of three things; 1) air leak at the intake boot. Any questions/comments, lets air them out so others …. 3L EFI hesitates at high speeds. The main positive (red) and negative (black) wires, … read more. The Avator 20e and 35e outboards generate 2200W and 3700W of power, respectively, at the propeller shaft. When this filter gets clogged with dirt and debris, it restricts the amount of oxygen needed for efficient burning of fuel. 2016 Mercury 25 HP EL 4 stroke Innovating the industry with battery-free power. "I purchased a used boat last year with a low hour motor. Spécifications - 40 EFI 3-Cylinder. I have a 1994 Mercury EFI that when I use the tilt and trim under 4000 RPM it will put the engine into safety and does the sane as yours Bogs and will not go over 2000RPM. Soaked the carb in a gallon can of carb cleaner, rinsed, dried with air. If I don't back off it will choke out and die. 1995 200 hp EFI bog on take off. Problem is that it will bog down and stall when you accelerate either under …. Simply twist it open and monitor your engine for improvement. The motor start and runs fine without issue. I've got a 91, 250 mercury EFI and cannot get fire to the coals. Using the right oil is crucial for the optimal performance of your engine. my motor will run at full throttle for about 1. When a spark plug is faulty, it can cause the cylinder of the outboard motor not to output power. What can be really frustrating about a bad fuel pump is that the vibrations (and bogged-down performance) may be intermittent. I broke in the cam on the new engine (SBC 400) with the sniper and dual sync, also with really no issues. (121 pages) Engine Mercury MerCruiser 6. It may feel as though the car simply doesn't accelerate as it should, and jerks or hesitates as it picks up speed. Mercury 4 stroke giving me issues. Mechanic ran engine prior and everything was good including 200 + PSI in all cylinders. I have a 2008 4 stroke Mercury 60 bigfoot on pontoon boat. stroke bogs down, misses badly above idle">2003 yamaha 115 4 stroke bogs down, misses badly above idle. Serviced recently with new oil and filter, plugs, leads, dizzy cap and fuel filter (spin on - only one it has i think). I removed the old original and added the updated check valve. It always eventually gets there but almost wants to die when accelerating, and has a few times. Owner, Outboard Service C Vocational, Technical or Tra 4,730 satisfied customers. My problem is cold starts at Temp. 7 Reasons Your Outboard Will Not Throttle Up and How …. 2008 Mercury 25 HP EFI 4 Stroke Flyway. It should be steady at 42-44 PSI wherever the motor is running. engine starts fine, idles fine. Joined Oct 15, 2011 Messages 12. It will smoke a lot, but might help clean out the fuel system on the engine. It did stall once when we first got it when going from F to …. This is normally a cure for the problem of poor acceleration on these engines. I can accelerate all day long on water muffs out of water but when I put in the water and try to accelerate it bogs down and dies every time. 8-liter displacement and DOHC or SOHC designs with four valves per cylinder. Replaced spark plugs, cleaned carburetor and replaced gaskets. Troubleshoot Mercury 40HP Outboard Motor. Electric fuel pump and 2bbl carb. Mercury Outboard Bogs Down At Full Throttle. Check the Air Filter: The most common reason why an engine bogs out under acceleration is because the air/fuel mixture is 'dirty' or inefficient. His engine is actually built by Yamaha and is not the L4NA series Mercury Built outboard. Motor will not accelerate under load. A colleague has a mid-1990's Mercury. I replaced the fuel pump-because it was bad in July. Causes rough running, especially at idle. Damage to a propeller is typically identified as the most common cause of outboard engine vibration. I have an '87 150HP outboard Evinrude. Checked the fuel (fresh premium gas in the tank),fuel pressure good at the schrader valve. 0 to perform well, then a lot of parts have to function well. I pulled over to check things out - Nissan 2000 Frontier question Nissan 2000 Frontier question. If a Mercury outboard hesitates while accelerating, there’s something wrong with the motor. if not set up correctly the acceleration enrichment circuits wont work properly. Engine won’t start or turn over. I took her out after the rebuild and it acted up at first but then ran fine …. Last year and starting this year, when I first start up the outboard and travel out to the no wake buoys, it runs fine. The motor will not rev anymore as if hitting a rev - Answered by a verified Marine Mechanic Hi, I have a 2004 Mercury 115hp 4-stroke EFI outboard, when i rev the engine on neutral sounds fine and will rev up till rev limiter, but in gear or under load, it will start bogging. 6 volts of dc, and if you have just taken the battery off charge, you should have between 13 and 14. This motor is on a heavy 14 FT fishing boat, with floor, live well, power tilt, elect stare and etc. I can idle (sometimes it's rough) and putt around, but the engine stalls when I accelerate above 5-6 mph. hi I have a 2004 Lund 1600 Pro Sport boat with a outboard Mercury 60 EFI hp 4 stroke. If the start motor isn’t starting at all, you likely have an electrical issue on your hands. Mercury EFI reed replacement. Re: One last problem with my Mercury 90hp 4 cycle EFI outboard. These are just a few reasons for two …. If your car or truck is equipped with a Holley four barrel carburetor and stumbles upon acceleration, more than likely the carburetor needs an adjustment to the accelerator pump assembly. If you look on the back of the shaft, about 8" below the powerhead, there are two downward-pointing holes with exhaust stains around them. idle and low speed - Answered by a verified Marine Mechanic I have 2 MERCURY 2. A beeping sound is an indication that there is something wrong and, this is your boats way of trying to warn you. When I tried to throttle back up to full throttle, I could only get …. Mercury outboard bogs on acceleration Sep 23, 2020 · The Mercury Outboard Repair Manual is a comprehensive guide for Mercury/Mariner Outboard models as it lays out all the service procedures for DIY enthusiasts and mechanics. Another symptom of a bad outboard spark plug is the engine stalling, sputtering or cutting off. Problem is that it will bog down and stall when you accelerate either under load or even when fired up in the driveway. Mercury outboard manuals Nissan outboard manuals Suzuki outboard manuals Tohatsu outboard manuals Yamaha 2007 Mercury 25hp 4 stroke EFI tiller steer no spark. 2024 Mercury 15 HP EFI 15MLH Outboard Motor. I took it to the shop and they replaced the anti-siphon valve. Re: 90 HP Mercury won't accelerate past 3000 rpm. I have a 1987 115hp outboard motor. Mechanic's Assistant: Is there anything else the Mercury Mechanic should know before I connect you? Rest assured that they'll be able to help you. The motor will start up and idle fine. This is almost often a sign of a cooling loop that isn’t getting enough water. I knew when I bought it that it had issues bogging and he couldn't get above 10/15 mph without it bogging out. I've changed the gas lines, tank, and fittings. Sometimes she will stall but not always. Problems with 1998 Merc 200 EFI. This depends on how much weight is in the boat. Why Your 2 Stroke Is Bogging & How To Fix It. Boat engines lose about 3 percent of their horsepower for every 1,000 feet of elevation above sea level. UPDATE: Tore the carb down and the bottom of the bowl was completely covered in brown/black particles. If the Mercury outboard runs too rich it will create more exhaust smoke and foul the plugs. Two trips ago I noticed that the motor would bog down a bit while accelerating. Perform a visual inspection in the. Mercury marine recommends using only mercury 4 stroke outboard oil, which is designed specifically for their engines. When an engine runs out of gas, it is basically going to just shut off. - 35 MPH at 6400 RPM with light load, but ~15 mph in turns when tubing with a loaded boat. It was missing above 2500 RPMs before any work. This Mercury Racing plug is fitted on the cylinder of your 30HP EFI 4-stroke engine and delivers extra claims through the ignition. Any thoughts on this? This is a 2004 Mercury 60 EFI non bigfoot. update update I Figured out the problem. My 1994 Merc 200 XRi has both a Detonation Module and Idle Stabilizer. Ran it out of the water for about 15 min. Because outboard engines tend to sit over the winter time, holes in the intake manifold gasket can occur. 98 gearing at 5100 rpm 21p nets 50 mph no slip. Amsterdam, Netherlands – Mercury Marine announces the introduction of its ultra-lightweight & reliable 15/20hp EFI FourStroke outboard platform. bman said: I have a 1996 200EFI Merc than runs great (most of the time). Perhaps the problem with the engine bogging down on acceleration is related to engine temperature. The easiest way to do this is by eliminating the simplest explanation first and working your way outward until you locate the issue. From there it goes to the water separating fuel filter. In addition, Mercury is proud to launch its innovative new Multi-Function Tiller Handle assembly designed for the 15/20hp EFI FourStroke platform – the world’s first portable outboard tiller that offers …. Aug 17, 2011 #1 This engine was bought new in December 2010 (on a 21' pontoon) so this summer is our first use. Mercury 40 HP FourStroke vs SeaPro Outboards – Which is Better. I took it out on Thursday last week and took a can of Mercury POWER UP with me. Basic Mercury Outboard Schematics. 1992-1998 Mercury 150, 200, 225 Horsepower Super Magnum 1992-1998 Mercury 175 EFI 1992-1998 Mercury 200 & 200 EFI 1992-1998 Mercury 200/225 Pro Max 1998-2000 Mercury 135 hp Optimax DFI Direct Fuel Injection 1999-2000 Mercury 150 hp Optimax DFI Direct Fuel Injection 2. I'd also go with fuel pump diaphrams and non-return valves in the pumps Verify this by pumping you hand primer bulb while at full throttle. I figure knowing exactly how the oil injection system works, pariculary in the area of controlling the pressure in the system, is a good way to improve my troubleshooting expertise and solving my. My 2002 EFI Merc 4 stroke will not rev past about 3800 rpm while UNDER LOAD. However, like any engine, problems can occur. Motor hesitates or bogs when I punch the throttle. Faulty Fuel Injectors: Either dirty or flooding fuel injectors. I also had my injectors serviced. If the engine is hard starting, simply remove the sparkplugs and crank the engine blowing the excess engine cleaner out. They replaced the high speed pump, plugs, and all other regular and consumable parts for a full tune. A spun hub feels like a loss of power with excessive RPM. I have a 2001 mercury 40 hp 4 stroke EFI outboard motor. Use Salt-Away in the garden hose attachment. Look at the fuel pump and there should be a big screw right in the middle of it. Knowing if you have a fuel problem is fairly simple even to those who are not mechanically inclined. or further help if trigger not an issue diagnosing today i noticed with key on after VST pump primes if i push or tap on timing arm attached to trigger pump runs for 1 second followed by a dripping sound, but no drip observed( didnt really expect to see a drip. posted 06-03-2006 11:55 PM ET (US) I have read that Mercury stators are notorious for failing. Check the fuel line and it had a crack and was pulling air not gas. I have a 2003 90 HP 4 stroke Mercury that bogs when I take the throttle beyond 3500 RPM. Two weeks ago, I was seeing around 4000 RPM and now, I'm only seeing about 3800 RPM. Hello and welcome to my channelToday I take you through a step by step procedure on how to troubleshoot, replace and clean your fuel injector for your outboa. I have once pinched a fuel hose to a carb when reassemble a power head. #1 "I purchased a used boat last "I purchased a used boat last year with a low hour motor. 3L EFI hesitates at high speeds. New Tohatsu 20 HP MFS20ES Outboards On Sale Now! We offer Discounted Prices With Fast and Free Shipping on New Tohatsu Outboards! 931-650 …. 2010 Mercury 90HP EFI 4 stroke - Bogs down after running short time. Idles fine and runs great up to about 2500 RPM anything more the engine bogs - Answered by a verified Marine Mechanic. The coils of some mercury outboards are sealed inside a unit with oil. It may be difficult to impossible to do. Ive also changed the reed valve to make it a 15hp engine. 9 HP 10 HP 15 HP 20 HP 25 HP 30 HP 40 HP 45 HP 50 HP. If a Mercury outboard motor has a poor compression, it will affect the performance of the outboard motor. Anytime an engine baughs on holeshot, It is a fuel starvation problem. Mercury FourStroke engines deliver no-compromise performance, fuel-efficiency, reliability, innovative features and smoothness to ensure maximum fun, maximum confidence. Wash the throttle plate with spray. The symptoms are that it happens when being. Thread starter rneurohr1; Start date Nov 8, 2011; R. Spark test each cyl cranking using an adjustable spark tester set to 7/16 inch. Issues with the system not holding charge are quite common with the mercury 115 Four stroke motor. Adjust each carb to best idle + 1/8 to 1/4 turn, ideally, adjust out on the water a blade width at a time each, just until any throttle hesitation is. 3 mercruiser, carbrueted with thunderbolt 5 ignition. Keep the air filter clean, whether you have a 2 stroke or a 4 stroke. Re: 1996 Mercury 200 EFI stalls randomly at 3000 RPM. Ignition, still undetermined, DVA testing stator output and/or verifying spark on all cyls when the problem arises still needs to be done. The motor seems to be in a sort of safety mode or something. Took a few seconds to rev up with throttle advanced in neutral. Tried again to get on plane and it bogged down. Re: Mercury 150 xr4 Constant Beep - beep - beep. Bog or hesitation on acceleration USUALLY indicates a slightly lean fuel mixture, however, your bog only occurs after extended idling, which could indicate possibly aged spark plugs,too cold a spark plug, excessive oiling loading up the plugs. Reliability, Portability and Power with the convenience of Propane. 150 EFI engine pdf manual download. It will continue to do this as long as I am willing to allow it to continue. Even a 16-foot boat has a 50-hp four-stroke Mercury engine that can reach 30-35 mph speeds. Problem, starts and idles great, once in gear and when throttle is applied, engine "bogs" down and only reaches about 3500 rpm. Re: Mercury 90 HP 2-Stroke Rough Idle and accelaration. We chose to build an EFI outboard because it has easy startup with no choke required and smooth, crisp acceleration throughout all RPM ranges. went to smaller prop and ran up over 2500 rpms to 5500. I have a 2006 Mercury 25 HP 4 Stroke EFI. Check for spark on the coil the green. Mercury Outboard Hard To Start. 115 HP (2012) Mercury 4 Stroke with Black Max 13-3/4 x 15P. Sounds like the accelerator pump isn't working, or pilot is partially plugged, or air mixture is too lean. If he ran it out of gas it's possible he sucked some deris from the bottonm of the tank into the system a good carb cleaning might be in order. Re: Outboard bogging down under load. Once the outboard reed valve gets damaged or fails to function, it affects the engine performance or outboard motor. Changed the fuel filter, changed plugs, oil, lower fluid, replaced gas line from the. Listed ByAll ListingsAgentsTeamsOffices. Cleaned all the jets, checked the fuel pump (looks good) and it pumps fuel to the fuel filter, when the fuel gets low. It only starts in neutral, I have a 70 hp johnson outboard that has started to bog on acceleration. mtcop: posted 12-05-2007 08:25 …. A few years ago it developed an issue of the engine cutting out on plane. ) The only major component that has not been cleaned/serviced are the. 98 225 efi bogs when trimmed up. There is no chance of any leakages. (if carbed it could be a stuck float or needle valve, if EFI, it could be trash in the fuel) . I have 60 hp Mercury EFI outboard 2004 not used in two years, not winterized properly. If gas stream/spray isn't strong then new accel pump needed. idle and low speed - Answered by a verified Marine Mechanic. Mercury 90 hp ELPT4 miss above 2500 RPMs. When this occurs, the cylinder with the faulty spark plug will not produce power. Even when they try to start the …. I can pull it back to idle and it idles fine no issues go to read more. Bogging Related Links EFI Electric Electric Jet Long Shaft Magnum Magnum II Magnum III Marathon Offshore Optimax Saltwater Short Shaft Ski Work 170. Always use a repair manual when servicing your Mercury outboard, especially if there is a delay when accelerating or throttling the motor. Ismael wrote us the following follow up, Fast shipping perfect shape. If your Mercury 20 HP 4-stroke engine is leaking oil, it could be due to a number of factors. A robust electrical system with a high-output alternator to …. Here are the best and quickest technical troubleshooting tips and fixes that you can try in order to resolve this problem. Starts and idles fine but when accelerated it bogs down and eventually - Answered by a verified Marine Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Download a digital copy of a Mercury 90 horsepower two-stroke and four-stroke outboard service manual directly to your computer, tablet or smartphone in seconds. Idle mixture on 2-strokes have to be a bit fatter than 4-strokes to allow just enough 'richness' for acceleration. Sounds like a intermittent fuel delivery problem. Let’s cover the four strokes first. I can't get to the pickup line. Here is a possible reason for outboard motor bogging down. Disconnect the Fuel Line From the Boat & Check the Condition of the Fuel. While plugs are out of the block, test the fuel pump. It generally starts with a partial blockage, where playing around with the fuel hose and pumping the primer bulb will get the motor to start or keep it running. Took it to the dealer and they indicated the spark plugs were bad. In this video I show how to do a custom installation of the Vessel View module onto a 60hp Mercury EFI outboard. Although there may be no symptoms under normal driving conditions, a clogged fuel filter will starve the engine of the extra fuel needed when quickly …. At times, this is a momentary issue and then others it seems to take around 30 seconds or longer for the engine to finally rev up and push the boat on plane. it did this last week, so i drained the carbs and it ran fine. This boat has some issues when power is added. i had 2 options, replace the 22 gal tank (couple grand) or add a fuel filter and fuel. Number 2 is the Yamaha Vmax SHO 150. Joined Jul 28, 2015 Messages 277. The oil module compares this reference signal to that pulse from the oil pump rotation sensor, any difference between the two and the system alarms. 2012 Mercury 60hp EFI blows 15 amp fuse for no apparent reason. The common causes of 2 stroke bogging at full throttle include using the wrong gas mix, dirty or clogged air filters, damaged spark plugs or barrel gaskets, and damaged intake manifold gaskets. It inadvertently cuts out at any speed any time. Under heavy loads, a clogged fuel filter may cause the engine to randomly hesitate, surge or sputter. Mar 6, 2010 #1 does anybody have any experience with this motor, does it have any major problems. This line has a range of 115-250 hp. After approximately 150 hours of use (beginning of summer and end of spring) my [Mercury 60-HP Bigfoot] motor started to have a problem at lower RPM. Follow the two tubes going from the remote oil tank to the motor. Mariner Outboard Bogging Forum Topics. Revise Search: All Models > 115 HP EFI (4-Stroke) > 1B366823 & Up (USA) > Electrical Components. Rebuilt Mercury 225 EFI have spun 4 props and one lower unit. The ProXS has low water pickups and a reasonable but not ideal gear ratio. Mercury Marine has introduced of an ultra-lightweight and 15/20 horsepower EFI FourStroke outboard platform and a new multi-function tiller handle assembly that offers ambidextrous operation. i had basically the same prob as you and it turned out to be rust in the gas tank from the ethonal. The motor cuts out as I use more throttle. You may need to make a few timing adjustments or. Timing checked by Merc mechanic stator checked & ok replaced TPS - no effect. 3 times in the last couple of weeks, after a few minutes of idling, when i try to get on plane the motor just bogs down. This overheating ultimately led the engine to shut down. Drained all old gas out, put in new gas. An outboard motor should never pause when . wen i try and get the boat on plane it just boggs down and will not tach up. One of the many strange quirks about outboard motors that you will see nowhere else. They can die when put in gear because one or more cylinders may have a problem and are not firing. Make sure both carbs are fully closing at idle. Since it was fine at slow speed’s I was thinking it was not getting enough gas and changed both fuel filters but that is not corrected the. Also, my tablet/vesselview was reporting a neutral switch issue, so I bought one. Mercruiser Bogs Stalls On Acceleration. Outboard motors are attached externally to the stern. It leaks as well as does the original and a new old stock original. ignition and fuel system components on your Mercury Outboard are designed and manufactured to comply with U. Re: Mercury 200 EFI Intermittent Loss of Power. My motor started acting up last fall. a clogged fuel filter- change it just because we are dealing with fuel issues; bad fuel pump. FIXED my rough Idle + stall problem 900 -2000 RPM running hot 60HP EFI Mercury Outboard 2005 Four stroke engine! The engine starts fine and after runing for. These compact outboard motors take you to the fun, the fish or whatever floats your boat – quickly and reliably. Sat I took off from launch and ran fine. If a Mercury outboard hesitates while accelerating, there's something wrong with the motor. Mercury’s all-new 5hp FourStroke Propane outboard provides more convenience and less hassle. Summary of Contents for Mercury 25 EFI FourStroke. Filling the gap between their existing V-8 ad the big V-12, the V-10s are naturally aspirated, and replace the supercharged V-6 Verados in this horsepower range. So, make sure to inspect all the possible areas. What Causes Outboard Engine Vibration?. I took the boat out to test and it ran great at full throttle for about 15 minutes. It always eventually gets there but almost …. Throttle up to 3 to 4500 RPM's sputters a little then …. I have a 2005 Mercury 40 HP EFI Big Foot 4 stroke ser #1B099527 Mod#40ELPTEFI runs excellent in neutral full. That's what I thought after reading some other threads. Built to deliver the type of power, thrust, and. So, drain all the old fuel from the unit and completely clean the carburetor to avoid these acceleration problems. The heat had burned the connectors and I suppose shorted out these 2 wires. This module will connect the outboard inform. :idea: Usually that is the symptom of clogged emulsion tubes (aka main nozzle) - the small holes on the side of tube get clogged by tacky dried two stroke when the carbs stood empty for awhile. Need Help With My 1996 Mercury 225 EFI Bogging down. These Mercury's are bullet proof and run very powerful. Took the boat back out this weekend- still get the 6 beeps at startupafter runnning the boat at Different RPM and shutting off and on a number of times- the beeps went away and then came back, after anchored for a while and restarting. However, as the day wears on and I stop to fish for a period …. I was recently running my boat and I was getting about 5100 RPMS at the start. 1)Tuned up / replaced spark plugs. I don't really know what it was that finally. My 3 cylinder 1990 mercury 90HP runs fine at idle and WOT. Superior torque provides greater acceleration for better boat control. A crack on that unit is also a sign of a bad coil. Re: Mercury 175 EFI 1998 with possible ECU problem. Need a little help guys 2002 225 EFI (OT542977). Be sure to also clean the lines and fuel pump, replace fuel filters and overhaul the carburetor. 2008 Mercury 115 EFI outboard, Vin #1B554395. Remove the quick-disconnect plug between the motor and solenoid (if provided) or detach the two wires where they connect to the solenoid or relay. Also for: 175 efi, 200 efi, 150xri, 175xri, 200xri, 0t409000. Mercury outboard bogs on acceleration. Not sure if the four stroke is the same but my optimax would do the same thing. Brand new F25 LWTC, 'bogs down". Remove the negative lead from ECU to fuel pump, Apply a jumper from pump negative to ground, this bypasses the ECU and now re test the engine. I have a 2004 Mercury 200-HP EFI Saltwater edition outboard. Check the Condition of the Gear Lube. Vocational, Technical or Trade Scho. The car ran great for over a year. I then slowed down to about 3500 RPMS. It runs great most of the time except when i try to take off fast out of the hole. Mercury 60 hp 4 stroke EFI. any more throttle and … read more. Just bought a 2004 alumacraft magnum 165 cs has a mercury 50hp 4 stroke EFI outboard on it with very few hours, I am wondering how to fix the problem with the outboard cutting out as i accelerate. Some how I missed the "2004" model year. An outboard motor should never pause when attempting to increase the rate of speed. I just changed the high pressure fuel pump on my 1997 200 mercury efi and it now cranks right up. The oil injection system on the 2004 Merc EFI's is much more sophisticated than the early 1989. This Mercury 4 stroke was running rough. ">Motor bogging down shortly after running full throttle. - pull the air cleaner and look down the thought of the carb when you pump the gas and see if you have fuel spraying into the carb. Sometimes, the hub only spins when the engine revs above a certain RPM, causing many boaters to wonder if they have spun a hub, are experiencing ventilation or cavitation, or have some kind of gear or power issue with their outboard. Hi, I have a 2004 Mercury 115hp 4-stroke EFI outboard, when i rev the engine on neutral sounds fine and will rev up till rev limiter, but in gear or under load, it will start bogging past 3500 rpm and … read more. Since then, and at least 50 times, the engine has suddenly lost power. A throttle position sensor, or TPS, is a device which is used to monitor the air intake of an internal combustion engine. When you put it in gear the engine itself shakes somewhat, but as you approach 1000 rpm it starts rattling the whole boat through approximately 1500 – 1800 rpm. I discovered 2 yellow wires running from the stator to the rectifier were making contact with the motor. PuddleJumper said: Sounds like accelerator pump. It felt to me as though starved for fuel. New Tohatsu 20 HP Outboard Motors On Sale Now! Free Freight!. I got a 1979 Mercury 150 outboard in-line 6 with 3 carbs. Boat is kept in Lake Tahoe (6200 elevation) Jason I am new. I used the power up to clean the combustion chambers per directions. Aged plug can foul at low throttle and misfire, bog when the throttle opens, til the plugs burn off , then all seems fine till you idle again. Re: Motor hesitates or bogs when I punch the throttle. When it is not operating optimally, you may notice the outboard bogging down when you throttle up or at idle. Hesitation on hard acceleration. You can check timing without going through the whole process, just to verify where it is right now. Supply it with water and run some gas from a small gas can with a can of SeaFoam in it. The Mercury EFI outboard motor 20ELHPT model is an electric start outboard with a 20 inch long shaft with electric start, Power Trim and multi function tiller handle. It is fuel efficient and made for serious fishermen. Checked compression (cold with throttle closed) all running around 125-132 psi (didn't …. Some mercury 115 pro xs users have claimed that sometimes the engine starts operating erratically all of a sudden. If you're still facing issues with acceleration, the jets might be clogged. Vehicle bogs down on acceleration; Outboard Motor Bogs Down At Full Throttle. rebulit checked the fuel line and put new …. Unleaded Regular 87 Octane Minimum (R+M/2) or 90 RON 10% Ethanol Maximum. I am thinking overheat, - Answered by a verified Marine Mechanic Felt the motor bog down and lifted the trim slightly. Whether you have a 2-stroke or a 4-stroke, does make a difference. Fast and powerful, they sport 1. Overall the engine is in excellent condition. The problem is intermittant, but on takeoff the motor bogs and will barely get on plane. While I am familiar with working on car engines, this 2 stroke Mercury outboard is new to me and I have a lot to learn about troubleshooting problems. i am looking into to buying a 2003 nitro 700 lx with the mercury 90 ELPTO, with this motor do. Several times this summer, it has died while cruising at speeds anywhere in the range of 2000 to 4000 RPM. The motor vibrates the boat excessively. Bolster the Output potential of your Mercury 40 EFI and say goodbye to lean factory programming with the Smart-Tune-X HP-Tuner. Re: 2000 Mercury 200hp EFI wot intermittent problem. It hesitates and then stays at low rpm's. Usually that is the symptom of clogged emulsion tubes (aka main nozzle) - the small holes on the side of tube get clogged by tacky dried two . The last thing you do before getting out on the water is reconnect all the fuel lines to the boat carburetor. Another common reason why your engine is bogging down when you apply throttle is a clogged fuel filter. Although it certainly could be other things, I'd look into. Either the lift pump has failed, the boat is out of fuel or there is an air leak or blockage somewhere in the fuel lines running fuel from the tank to the engine. A manifold leak is easily detected by a hissing sound coming from the source of the leak. When I arrived at the boat landing No Wake Zone I came off plane and the engine died immediately. The actual problem was a bad anti-siphon valve! Now my engine will bog when cruising past no wake and will bog and stall upon acceleration. The motor starts in about 1/2 a turn, it runs perfectly at idle. Digital Diagnostic Terminal (DDT) and Cartridge This hand held Scan Tool is easy to use. Here are 10 reasons and fixes to help prevent lack of fuel to a 2-stroke engine. Typical to other posts I’ve read the engine revs fine on Muffs but once it’s under load the problem persists. CLIP (1 required per assembly) 54-891520001 - Clip [ More info ] $5. 2008 Mercury 90hp 4-stroke EFI Model # 90ELPT4S Serial # 1B392864I believe … read more. Most Common Boat Engine Problems and How to Fix Them. We Dont Talk About Bruno Midi Culture Remix, Mercury Outboard Bogs …. When this began, the primer bulb was collapsing at the time of the bogging. Both engines worked fine before. Check for a dirty or old spark plug, improper carburetor adjustments, or broken or faulty ignition wires. In fact, per DFI, they only work on Johnson/Evinrude. In this case the spark plug could be wet, which is an indication of water in in the combustion chamber. com">Why Is My Boat Running Slow at Full Throttle?. 6 Common Suzuki 140 Outboard Problems: 1. MerCruiser 1997 and Newer Carb Models with Thunderbolt V Ignition System. The 90 hp Mercury manual covers every aspect of maintenance, service, troubleshooting and repair. Here is the best description I can provide: - Once on plane (20mph or so) it may cruise for an hour or 5 minutes before cutting out. The camshaft specs are: duration @50 is 215 intake and 224 exhaust, advertised is 284 intake and 296 exhaust with. My outboard is bogging down when accelerating. The engine is running great (starting, idle, after accelerating) except for accelerating out of the hole. This is for the motor only - no controls or prop included with the price of the motor. With modern fuel injected engines, having a “bog” when your stomp the go pedal is usually an indication you have a potential vacuum leak somewhere …like a . Mercury outboard runs great at about 3000 rpms then when. I recently rebuilt a Mercruiser 5. Mercury FourStrokes have long led the pack in clean, quiet, fuel-efficient outboard power, and now the gap grows even wider. If your outboard motor isn’t running at its best, check the fuel vent on your portable tank to make sure it’s open. On hard acceleration it is bogging down like there is to much air, because sometimes it backfires. The 20e can produce similar acceleration as a 5hp FourStroke outboard, while the 35e generates acceleration that is comparable to a Mercury 9. Motor bogging down shortly after running full throttle. If I set the throttle at say 3400 RPM, it can run fine for an hour, then drop to ~2800 RPM, then come back up to 3400 after a few minutes. 2006 mercury optimax 150 starts and idles fine but when accelerating it bogs down like its not geting fuel back - Answered by a verified Marine Mechanic. Attach the pressure gauge hose to the outlet. Take a spark plug wrench along, as soon as it bogs, kill it and pull the plugs for inspection. 2000 Mercury V6 135-HP engine revealed that it is a 60-degree. First-Setup: 2001 Mercury 200 EFI, oil injection removed-using premix 50:1. In this case, you'll need to remove the carburetor and clean all the jets manually. Re: 1979 Mercury 80hp bogs down and dies. 200 efi rough sluggish smoky idle. I have a 2013 mercury 25hp 4 stroke efistarts fine, red…. The primary (cup) fuel filter and secondary (in-line) fuel filter should both be inspected regularly and …. I fired up my 2017 Mercury 115hp 4 stroke EFI engine this weekend. Outboard motor runs but won't plane 2003 Trophy 2302 with 200 HP EFI Mercury saltwater outboard -- running along today at 32 mph on Puget Sound when boat suddenly lost power (kept running, … water in the oil I am looking at buying a 1989 vip boat with a omc 4. I have a 2002 speedster with the Mercury 240 EFI 6 cylinder engine. One tube connects to the reservoir oil tank and the other tube connects to the crankcase 2psi check valve your want to replace. History of the Boat: Boat has had routine maintenance - plugs, fuel separate replaced each year, fuel treatment each year, etc. Or maybe a spark plug wire that is cutting out. Mercury/Yamaha 115hp EFI fuel injector. This level of 2) Faulty Carburetor. ">My symptom is that the motor stall when I try to accelerate. I have a 1987 115hp outboard motor. Should I Run My Outboard Out Of Gas?. If you just simply disconnect your fuel supply. Problems with the fuel pump diaphragm can also occur when the diaphragm ages or when a substandard diaphragm is used. EFI won't have a place for fuel to squirt out the side. The engine temp went to 160 before t-stat opening then. With a large 123cc displacement, it offers best-in-class power by delivering a true 5 horsepower.